Data Warehouse - Extraction of Deleted Time-phased Data (Controlled Availability)

Note: This feature is in controlled availability, and will be released for general availability soon. To gain early access, contact your Customer Success Manager.

What's New

Extract deleted time-phased data and resource links using Data Warehouse Export.


  • Track changes to the data (including the deletion of time-phased data and resource link records) during incremental data extractions
  • Use the data for audits and analysis in external tools

How it Works

The Deleted data records are now extracted for the following time-phased and resource link entities:

LaborResourceTimePhase FixedPriceResourceTimePhase

  • RLTimePhase
    • RLTimePhaseMonthly
  • ResourceLinkFinancial
    • FixedPriceResourceLink
    • LaborResourceLink
  • ResourceTimePhase
    • LaborResourceTimePhase
    • FixedPriceResourceTimePhase
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