Managing the Account and Members

In Account Settings, you can:

Accessing Account Settings

To access Account Settings, click the settings cog in the left navigation panel.

Open the Members tab.


Inviting and Managing Members

When a member is invited from Account Settings, the member will be able to create their own Workspaces in Clarizen Go. To add them to a specific Workspace, invite them from that Workspace.

Members of your company (belonging to the company email domain) will automatically be added to the Clarizen Go account when they sign up with their company email or Clarizen credentials associated with the company domain.  They can access Clarizen Go by going to to join the account.

To invite a member:

  • Click Invite Colleagues. Enter the name of the member or enter an email for a new member outside the organization. Click Send invitation.


In the Members screen, you can also:

  • Resend pending invitations to invitees
  • Revoke members from the account
    When you revoke a member from the Clarizen Go account:
    • All Workspaces in which they are the only member will be deleted
    • If the member is the only Admin of a Workspace, a different user in that Workspace will become the Admin. If the member was the only user in the Workspace, the Workspace will be archived.
    • The member will lose access to all their Workspaces and Tasks
    • Their assigned tasks will remain assigned to them until reassigned to another member
      Note: The member will continue to appear with the status of Former Member.
  • Change the member's role
  • View the member status
  • See if their API key was previously created

 See also Account Types.


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