Getting to Know Clarizen Go

Teams in the organization use Workspaces to manage projects, products, customers, teams, etc. A Workspace is typically used per project, and will be accessible to all those participating in the project. 

The Workspace is where you and your team members will create, manage and collaborate on tasks, update their progress, and work towards shared milestones.

Clarizen Go is made up of:

  • Workspaces - Use Workspaces to manage projects, products, customers, teams, and more.
  • Boards - This is where you will manage Tasks. You can use multiple boards to divide the work into different teams, sub-projects, phases, etc.
  • Stages -  You can customize the board based on your business processes by adding Stages to reflect phases in the project. You can move Tasks between Stages as they progress.
  • Tasks - Create and manage tasks in a Kanban board, grid or timeline.
  • Epics - Categorize tasks into logical groups across Workspaces and Boards. Use any grouping that makes sense to your project, such as Epics, Categories, Types of work, Customers, etc.
  • Members - Add members to your Workplace and subsequently to specific Boards and/or Tasks.
  • Milestones - Use milestones to track progress towards target dates. You can set due dates for Tasks relative to the Milestone date. If the Milestone moves, the related Tasks will move as well.


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