Registration, Login, and SSO

How to Log In

Clarizen Go members can log in using:

To sign up, go to

To log in, go to

Connecting Clarizen One

A Clarizen One Admin must enable the connection to Clarizen Go, so that:

  • Users in the organization can use their Clarizen One credentials to log into Clarizen Go
  • Members can sync Workspaces in Clarizen Go with Projects in Clarizen One

To enable the connection between Clarizen One and Clarizen Go:

  1. In Clarizen One, go to Settings > Extensions.
  2. Scroll down to Connected Web Apps, and enable Clarizen Go by clicking Allow Access.

Logging in with Clarizen One and SSO

Users can log in directly to Clarizen Go via Clarizen One with SSO, by using these direct links:

  • US -
  • EMEA -

Using SSO for Authorization and Authentication

Clarizen Go supports SSO with OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect and SAML via the Okta application.
For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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