Use Workspaces to manage projects, products, customers, teams, and more.
A Workspace is typically used per project, and will be accessible to all those participating in the project. The Workspace is where you and your team members will create Tasks and track progress towards Milestones. 

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Adding a New Workspace

To add a Workspace:

  • Click Add Workspace below the list of Workspaces, and enter a name for your Workspace.


Navigating Workspaces

All Workspaces

Click All Workspaces to see all Workspaces in the main screen. To see all tasks across Workspaces, click Tasks.


To move between Workspaces, you can select a Workspace and use the right/left navigation arrows to move between Workspaces. Click the down arrow to drill down to a Board in the Workspace.

A Workspace

Select a Workspace and use the different tabs to get a status of your tasks, by members, Epics, Milestones or Boards.

Expand an item (Board, Epic, etc.) to see associated assignees.


Viewing the Summary

The Summary shows you a status of the Tasks in your Workspace.

Below the Tasks status, you can view members, and by hovering over an avatar, see details about the member, including a task status.

Inviting and Managing Members

  • Invite a new member:
    • In the Summary pane, click Invite new member.

      Type in the name of the member or enter the email address for a new member. 
  • Update member details:
    As an Admin, you can update a member’s role (Workspace Admin or Member).

  • Delete a member: Click the trash can.

Tip: In the Members tab, you can scroll to the end of the list of Members to see unassigned tasks.


Working with Tasks

Click the Workspace name to view Tasks across all Boards in the Workspace.

  • Add a Task - Click in the top row of the grid to add a new Task.

  • Edit a Task - You can edit some Task details inline by clicking on a field in the grid. Editable fields have a dotted line around the field. For non-editable fields, you can also hover to the left of the task and click the open task icon to edit the Task.
  • Filter the view - Use the filtering options above the grid to filter tasks by name, assignee, priority and labels. Click My Tasks to see only your tasks.
  • Rearrange columns by dragging them in the grid.

For more details, see also Boards and Tasks.

Workspace Settings

In the Workspace settings you can rename the Workspace, set up sync with Clarizen One, and search or delete labels in the Workspace.

To open Workspace settings, select the Workspace and click the cog icon.

Leaving a Workspace

In All Workspaces, click the leave icon on the relevant Workspace.


Deleting a Workspace

Note: Deleting a Workspace deletes all Tasks in the deleted Workspace indefinitely with no option for recovery.

To delete the Workspace:

  • If you are in the Workspace, click the trash can.

  • From All Workspaces, the trash can on the relevant Workspace.



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