Epics let you categorize tasks into logical groups. Use any grouping that makes sense to your project, such as Epics, Categories, Types of work, Customers, etc.

Epic dashboards available on Workspace and Board levels help you organize tasks and track their progress.  You can also filter views by Epics.

Epics roll up task progress, dates, and estimations.


Epics vs Labels

Use Epics to track the progress of a broader group of Tasks, such as Epics, project types, etc. Use labels for searching and filtering lower level classifications such as sub-projects, products, etc.

Adding a New Epic

To add an epic:

  • Open the Epics Overview in either a Workspace or Board and either click  the + icon between existing sections or click Add Epic. Click on the Epics to rename it.

Associating an Epic to a Task

In the Task details, open the Position tab , and select the Epics.

Deleting an Epic

To delete an Epic, open the Epics Overview. Click on the Epic to open it, and click the bin icon. All Tasks associated with the Epic will no longer be associated with the deleted Epic.

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