Create Milestones in the Workspace to track progress towards important target dates.

You can also set Task due dates relative to Milestones. When moving a Milestone, those Tasks will move with the Milestone.

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Managing Milestones

To see Milestones in the Workspace, select the Workspace and open the Milestones tab. 

Milestones with due dates in the past are highlighted with dates in gray. Dates in the future are blue.


Filter and sort Milestones to see only what's relevant. For example, see only achieved Milestones by selecting those that are Done. Select My Milestones to see only Milestones where you have Tasks.

Expand a Milestone card to see a Tasks status for associated assignees. Hover over the assignee to see user details.


Hover over the user to see more details, including the user's role and email address.

Click Milestone Details for a tasks and effort status.


Tip: Scroll to the end of the list of Milestones to see Tasks without Milestones.


Adding a Milestone

To add a Milestone:

  1. Open the Workspace in the Milestones tab. Click New Milestone.
  2. Set a due date, and click Create Milestone.

Tip: You can also create a new Epic from a Task's details if needed.

Setting Task Dates by Milestones

  1. Open a Task, and under Scheduling settings, enable Use Milestone date.
  2. Select the Milestone from the drop-down list and the number of days/weeks/months before a selected Milestone as the due date. The Task’s due will move if the Milestone date is changed.


Deleting a Milestone

When you delete a Milestone, all related Tasks lose their due dates. You can enter new independent due dates or relative to a different Milestone.

To delete the Milestone:

  • In the Milestone, click on the trash can.
  • In All Workspacesclick on the trash can on the selected Milestone.

Note: You can only delete a Milestone if you are an admin in the Workspace.


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