Create Milestones in the Workspace to track progress towards important target dates.

You can also set Task due dates relative to Milestones. When moving a Milestone, those Tasks will move with the Milestone.

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Adding a Milestone

To add a Milestone:

  1. Open the to the Milestones Overview. Click + Add Milestone or hover and click below an existing Milestone.
  2. Give your Milestone a name and a due date.

Setting Task Dates by Milestones

To set a Milestone as a due date for a task:

  1. Open the Task in the   Scheduling tab.
  2. Set the Due Date to Relative to Milestone.
  3. Select the number of days before a selected Milestone as the due date.

Tracking and Updating Milestones

The Milestones Overview makes it easy to focus on specific Milestones for a specific Workspace or Board. See how many Tasks remain in each stage, how many Tasks per person, etc.

In timeline view, drag Milestones to change deadlines. Related tasks’ due dates will adjust accordingly.

Scroll to zoom in/out on the timeline.

Deleting a Milestone

When you delete a Milestone, all related Tasks lose their due dates. You can enter new independent due dates or relative to a different Milestone.

To delete the Milestone:

  • Click on it to open, and click the bin icon.
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