Task Cards (new interface)

Note: This feature is in Controlled Availability, and will be released for general availability soon. For early access, contact your Customer Success Manager.


This section describes the new Cards view for Tasks. To learn more about the Tasks Work Item, click here.


The Cards View for Tasks displays your Tasks on a Kanban board. The Cards View provides a birdseye view of your Tasks, with options to sort and group Tasks, as well as update a Task's Status, Phase, etc. using drag and drop.


Accessing Card View

To access the Cards View, open the Tasks module, and select Cards View.


You will see Tasks that you own or where you are assigned as a resource. 

Coming soon: If you are a manager, you will also see Tasks assigned to resources that you manage.

Working with Cards View

Selecting Which Tasks to View

You can choose to display your Tasks from Work Items by selecting My Tasks, or your standalone Tasks by selecting My To-Do-List.


The default period displays Tasks for the current month. This includes Tasks with a Start Date during the selected period, or with a Due Date in the period for Tasks without a Start Date. Tasks without a Start/Due Date are also displayed.

Completed Tasks within the selected period are displayed. Completed Tasks prior to the selected period are not displayed. 

To see sub-Tasks, expand the card. You can also add or delete a Sub-Task, and see more info.


To change the period, click on the arrow in the date picker. 

Group by

Select how to group Tasks into columns on the board. You can choose:
  • Status
  • Phase
  • Importance
  • State

Show Hide Columns

Expand or collapse columns to show or hide a group.


Sort by

Select how to sort Tasks within the columns:

  • Status
  • Due Date
  • Importance
  • Owner

Managing Tasks


Click on the 3-dot menu to:

  • More Info: The Task's Property Card displays additional Task details that you can edit.
  • Add Sub-Task: Add a new sub-Task to your Task. If you already have sub-Tasks, you can add more from the card.
  • Delete Task
  • Move a Task - To move a Task to a different column (Status, Phase, etc.), drag and drop the Task into the required column.


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    Lex Heredia

    Is there a plan to implement filtering to this view? and/or, sorting by a custom pick list field?