Clarizen Go Release Notes

August, 2019

  • A fresh new look for Workspace settings, with settings categorized into separate tabs 
  • API keys - generate new keys and manage existing keys for accessing the Clarizen Go API
  • Access Tasks in Board or Grid views directly from the Boards tab in the Workspace

  • Drag and drop Tasks between Boards, Milestones, Epics, and members.

  • Drill into Tasks, Members, Epics, Milestones or Boards of a specific Workspace from the All Workspaces view. Click on the relevant link in the Workspace card, for example, Boards, and you will be redirected to the Boards list under the selected Workspace.
  • A new button for adding Workspaces, Epics and Boards replaces the option to add the entity by typing in the name of the new entity.
  • See who's working on a specific Board, or which members are working towards a common Milestone. Expand any Workspace, Epic, Milestone or Board card to see an assignee's tasks status and user details.
  • See the amount of work you have to do. You can now view the work status by estimated or remaining effort, in addition to number of Tasks – per member, Board, Epic, Workspace, etc.
  • Download a Task attachment using a new button (icon) that appears when hovering over the attachment in the Task details.

July, 2019

  • Hover over Assignees in Epics, Milestones, or Boards in the Workspace to see assignee details, including the tasks status, role type, and email address. 
  • Drill into Tasks from Workspace views. Use the new Show Tasks toggle to easily access Tasks directly from Milestone, Epic or Board views in the Workspace. 
  • See how many Tasks an assignee has in each status. In Milestone, Epic or Board views, hover over a status to see how many tasks assignees have in that status.
  • Account settings have been redesigned

June, 2019

  • We've added Remaining Effort (in addition to Estimated Effort) in Tasks, making it easier for teams to update and assess progress. See more in Task Details.
  • Create Tasks using email. Send an email with the Task name, description and attachments; and it will be created in the Workspace. Click here for details.
  • Enhanced sorting and filtering options to help you focus on what matters and make better decisions. For example, sort members by To Do tasks to see who is overloaded, and filter Milestones by Done to see which Milestones were achieved.
  • Notifications - See all your notifications in one place. The new Notifications panel includes task updates, your newly assigned tasks, your mentions in discussions, etc. Click here for details.
  • Boards view in Workspace - A new Boards view in the Workspace lets you see a status of your Boards in the Workspace. 
  • Discussions - You can add likes to messages in the Task's Discussions panel
  • Sync with Clarizen One - After you push a Project from Clarizen One to Clarizen Go, the Workspace in Clarizen Go is visible to the account administrator. Now in addition, the Project owner (as defined in Clarizen One) will receive an invite by email to the Workspace in Clarizen Go.
  • Collaborate on Tasks - Discuss and share information in the new Discussions panel. Mention members and get notified by email when a colleague mentions you.
  • New look for Members and Milestone pages - A new design makes it easier to manage members and Milestones. For Milestones, you can choose between a compact view to see more Milestones in the page, or expand Milestones to see a tasks status of each assignee in the Milestone. 

April, 2019

  • Multiple column sorting in grid. Press the CTRL key + column header to sort the grid view by multiple columns.
  • Drag Tasks between Boards in the Workspace.
  • Mention members in Task descriptions. Insert @ to bring up a list of members or start typing the member's name after the @. The member will be notified by email.

March, 2019

Sections are now Epics. Epics (previously called Sections) can help you organize your work into logical groups, such as customers, deliverables, and of course Epics.

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