Clarizen Go - Latest Release Notes

May, 2020

  • Need to update multiple or all Tasks? You can now edit various properties, such as assignees, labels, Milestones, and more for multiple Tasks.
    In a similar fashion, you can also archive and restore multiple or all Tasks.
  • Epic enhancements include:
    • Take charge of Epics. You can now give ownership to an Epic by assigning one or more users as the Epic's owner(s). In addition, the creator of a new Epic becomes the owner of the Epic by default. 
    • Add labels to Epics for additional classification on the Epics level
  • Reschedule Sprints. We know that plans change and dates move. You can now update a specific sprint's dates and duration, or update a series of upcoming sprints.
  • Epics are no longer enabled by default in new Workspaces, so you can now decide to show Epics only if you are using them. You can enable and disable Epics as needed.
  • A new Task's default assignee is now the Task's creator.
  • Hide unnecessary fields from your Tasks. It's ok if you don't require all the fields you can find in Task details. Now you can simply hide complete field sections from Tasks all over; in Task details, board and grid views, etc. And you can always bring them back when needed.

    Visible and hidden checklist2.png

  • Filter by Stages when showing Tasks in Kanban or Scrum Boards.
  • Duplicate Tasks - Easily create new Tasks based on existing Tasks. Activity (Discussions, Updates, and Progress) are not duplicated.
  • Refreshed member views make it easier to view members by roles, and to see all members by expanding the view rather than showing an overpopulated list.

April, 2020

  • Use Clarizen Go with Zoom and Microsft Teams!
    • Zoom - With Clarizen Go for Zoom, you will never miss an important project update, even when you’re on Zoom! Select your Active Workspace, and Clarizen Go will send you important notifications and help you to always stay on top of things. Read the blog post here.
    • MS Teams - Stay informed directly within MS teams. Send and receive notifications in chat, and get real-time visibility into specific Task details such as its description, assignees, status, due dates, hours logged/remaining, and more. Read the blog post here.
  • Scrum is not enabled by default, fitting for when you're working solely with Kanban Boards. You can now enable Scrum when you want to use Backlog and Sprint Boards, and you can always disable Scrum if needed.  Learn more
  • Our menus and sub-menus have a refreshed look with icons and additional actions
  • API Access Keys have been moved from Account settings to your Profile page. From there you can manage your own API keys.
  • Set your Task's priority right away, while creating the new Task
  • Sync your Workspace with your personal or work calendars. You can now see your Workspace's Milestones, Sprints, and Tasks in your Google or Outlook calendar. The sync adds new events, updates events that move, and supports reminders, so you never miss a deadline. 
  • Share your Workspace with all the members and/or guests in the account, by making it a public Workspace.
  • Time logging update: All members can now edit or delete time logs of other members in the Workspace. This changes the previous behavior that allowed only admins or creators of the task to edit or delete logs.

March, 2020

  • Synced Clarizen One Projects - When you push a Project from Clarizen One to Clarizen Go, the newly created Workspace in Clarizen Go is synced by default, so you do not have to enable Workspaces each time you push a Project. The sync setting is still there so you can enable or disable the sync when needed.
  • Easily create a new Workspace by duplicating an existing Workspace together with all its Boards, Milestones, Epics, and optionally, Tasks and members.
  • New features for importing and exporting Workspaces include:
    • Support for checklist items - include checklist items and their assignees
    • Support for estimated and remaining effort using story points
    • Assignees of Tasks and checklist items are automatically invited to the Task, as well as to the Workspace if they're new there as well
      Note: To use the new features, you must use the latest version of the sample template. Get it from the Import dialog box.
  • Epic Boards - You can now manage Epics on a Board with Stages representing phases in a workflow. You can add, remove and reorder Stages on the Board to create a customized workflow, independent of your Task workflows. In addition, you can now prioritize your Epics. 
    In Board view, you can also easily view and manage Tasks in a Gantt chart, and move Tasks to different Epics using the Show Tasks option.
    Note: This feature is in controlled availability, and will be released for general availability soon. To gain early access, contact your Customer Success Manager.
  • You can now update the Task status directly in Grid view, in Workspaces and Boards.

February, 2020

  • Gantt charts - Add and manage Tasks in a Gantt chart:
    • Add Tasks directly on the Gantt chart
    • Drag Tasks on the chart to change their durations or dates
    • See related sprints and Milestones on the chart
    • Click on a task to see its details
      Gantt charts are available in all Task grids; in All Workspaces, a single Workspace, or a specific Board.

  • The Burndown chart now shows effort in story points (or Time), depending on your Defaults as set in the Workspace settings.
  • You can now create and edit Tasks from Tasks in All Workspaces
  • Create the first Milestone directly in Task details. If you need to set the Task's due date by a Milestone that doesn't exist yet, you can now create the Milestone from the Task details.
  • Don't delete, archive instead. Now, in addition to Tasks, you can archive whole Workspaces or Boards. 
    When you archive a Workspace, all its Boards, Epics, Milestones and Tasks will be archived as well. Read more.
    When you archive a Board, all its Tasks will be archived as well. Read more.
    Then just restore when needed, or if you must, permanently delete.
  • Assign checklist items to members. As you add members, they will be added as assignees on the Task. If you remove an assignee from the Task, that member will be removed from any checklist item previously assigned to the member.
  • Preview images and PDF documents without leaving the Task and without downloading. Scroll through the files, zoom in, page up or down, and download or delete directly from the preview window.
  • Discuss the bigger picture. You can now have discussions in Epics.

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