Crosstab Resource Utilization and Forecast Reports

Note: This feature is in beta. 

What's New

We recently released time-phased Resource Utilization and Financial Resource reports (in beta). You can now format the data tables in these reports using a crosstab format; with time periods as headers and repeating columns with capacity time-phased data and financial resources.


  • View and analyze more data in a readable format
  • More flexibility for grouping variables (mainly time periods)

How it Works

  1. Create a time-phased Resource Utilization report (with time-phased related data).

  2. In the Manage section, enable Crosstab mode.

    In the Manage section, Group by is enabled and based on the related data in the report. 
  3. You must have at least one Grouping value.
    Optional - Select a Sort option.

  4. Set the Date Range.
    The Date Range should not conflict with dates set in the report filters.
  5. For Columns, select time-phased data, such as Project Assignment and Actual Approved (h).
    For Group by, select up to 3 levels of grouping.
    Set Totals as needed.

  6. Save your report.


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  • Avatar
    Julian Banasiewicz

    not sure I can see this option in the CAMC instance. Does it need to be enabled?

  • Avatar
    Vadim Pilipenko

    Hi Julian,
    The feature was enabled on your instance last Friday. Please update your CSM about any issues or feedback you might have.