Enabling the Sync Process

The following procedures are one-time actions that enable syncing between Clarizen One and Clarizen Go.

To set up the sync, you must be an:

  • Admin and Super user in Clarizen One
  • Account Admin in Clarizen Go


Clarizen One

  • In Clarizen One, go to Settings > Extensions. For Clarizen Go, click Allow Access.
    Note: If you have already set up logging in with Clarizen One credentials for your users, you can skip this step.

  • (Optional) In Clarizen One, install the Clarizen Go Assignee Sync app (for US clients) or click here if you're in Europe/Africa. This app converts Clarizen Go Task assignees into Clarizen One Task Resources. This is required if you want to view Clarizen Go assignees as Task Resources in Clarizen One.

Clarizen Go

  • As an admin in Clarizen Go, go to Account Settings in Clarizen Go and click Connect Clarizen One.


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