Compatibility and Limitations


  • Mapping of objects, fields, and update direction is currently not configurable
  • Initiating a sync always creates a new mirror Project/Workspace. You cannot push tasks into a previously existing Project or Workspace
  • Errors and failures in the push/sync process are currently not reflected in real-time in the interface. The account admin will be notified about all errors in a daily email digest.

Pushing Projects from Clarizen One

  • Supported Projects (that can be pushed from Clarizen One): Leaf Projects only (sub-Projects and sub-Tasks are currently not supported)
  • Pushing a Project from Clarizen One to Clarizen Go is a 1-time action. Any tasks added to the Project in Clarizen One after the initial push will not be added to Workspace in Clarizen Go (no continuous intake)
  • Objects and fields that are not pushed from Clarizen One to Clarizen Go:
    • Attachments
    • Discussions
    • Project-level fields (Project type, Project customer, Project dates, etc.)
    • Any objects related to the project (customers, cases, to-dos, etc.)

Syncing Workspaces in Clarizen Go with Clarizen One:

  • Supported Workspaces: A synced Workspace in Clarizen Go can contain:
    1. Up to 500 tasks that are not assigned to a Milestone
    2. Up to 500 tasks assigned to each of the Milestones
  • Option to pause / disconnect the sync - is possible from Clarizen Go only: if disconnected and reconnected, the sync will only take changes made 1 day back. It will not update all changes made in Clarizen Go during the time the sync was turned off.
  • Actions made in Clarizen Go (such as edit or create a task, create a new project) will be reported in Clarizen One on behalf of the Clarizen Go account admin.
  • Clarizen One validation rules apply to updates from Clarizen Go: if an update from Clarizen Go doesn’t comply with a rule set in Clarizen One, the update will fail.
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