Manage a Scrum Project or Team


  1. Create a Workspace for your Scrum project or team, for example: “Product X Team”.
  2. Create a Backlog Board: By default, the Workspace contains a single Board (called “My First Board”). Rename it “Backlog”. This is where you will add and prioritize all the upcoming Tasks that are not yet allocated to a sprint.
  3. Create Sprint Boards: Create additional boards for each of your upcoming sprints.
  4. Add Tasks to the backlog Board.
  5. Plan your next sprint(s): Drag tasks from the backlog Board into the sprint Boards to allocate Tasks to sprints. You can of course add Tasks directly on the sprint Board.
  6. Set up your Stages: On the sprint Boards, add any number of Stages (columns) to reflect your workflow and process (for example: “Design”, “Review”, “Testing”, etc.).
  7. Move Tasks between Stages on the Sprint Board, as you get work done.


  8. Use Milestones in the Workspace to set the sprint end date as the tasks’ due date. This will help the team stay accountable and track progress towards the sprint end date:
    • Add Milestones to represent your sprints: “Sprint 1 end”, “Sprint 2 end”, etc.
    • In each Sprint, set the tasks’ due date in relation to the relevant Milestone



  9. Use Epics in the Workspace, to track large bulks of work or high-level deliverables, which contain a large number of Tasks.



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