Pushing Projects from Clarizen One to Clarizen Go

Pushing a Project from Clarizen One to Clarizen Go is a one-time action, after which updates in Clarizen Go are continuously synced to the Project in Clarizen One. Updates to the Project in Clarizen One are not synced back to Clarizen Go.


  1. Enable sync between Clarizen One and Clarizen Go.
  2. Open the Project you want to push. In the Work Plan, open the Utilities tab. Click Manage in Clarizen Go.

    A Workspace mirroring the Clarizen One Project is created Clarizen Go. It contains the Project’s Tasks and Milestones, as well as 6 Stages in the Board, one for each State (Requested, Draft, etc.) in Clarizen One.
  3. After you push a Project from Clarizen One to Clarizen Go, the Workspace in Clarizen Go will be visible to the account Admin, and the Project owner will receive an invite to the Workspace. As the admin, you must now enable Sync Workspace with Clarizen One in the Workspace settings to ensure a continuous sync of updates from Clarizen Go to Clarizen One.


You can now invite users to the Workspace.

Click here to see a list of pushed objects and fields

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