Clarizen Go Resources

Resource-based reports in Clarizen One give you visibility into your resources’ planned workload - across all of their projects, whether they are in Clarizen Go or in Clarizen One. 


The reports provide answers to:





  • How is the workload divided among team members this week/month/sprint? Who is overloaded? Who is available to take on more work?
  • Who is working on what this week/month/sprint?
  • How is the team progressing with their work?





Total work per person










Work per person per week







Work per person per sprint







Detailed tasks per person per month - who will be doing what?















Before you begin





  1. All Clarizen Go reports require syncing between Clarizen Go and Clarizen One. Here is how to set this up for your account.
  2. Install the Clarizen Go Assignee Sync & Best Practice Reports app in Clarizen One. This app will convert Clarizen Go Task assignees into Clarizen One Resources on those Tasks.



Set up in Clarizen Go:



Clarizen Go Object

What to do



Create Workspaces for each of your projects / products. More about setting up

Workspace 1: “Product A”;

Workspace 2: “Product B”

Make sure the Workspace is synced with Clarizen One (enable ”Sync with Clarizen One” in the Workspace settings)



Add Milestones in each Workspace for any target dates that you have

Milestone 1: “Content ready - 5/14/2019”

Milestone 2: “Event Kickoff - 5/28/2019”


Connect tasks to Milestones to set their Due date

Connect the Milestone “Event Kickoff” to all tasks that need to be completed towards this Milestone. Their due date will be set accordingly

Alternatively, set tasks’ due dates manually, per task


Enter Effort Estimation per task


Assign tasks to people


As work gets done, update the tasks’ Status by moving them across Stages on the Board.

Stage 1: To Do

Stage 2: In Progress

Stage 3: Done





Learn more about setting up Clarizen Go to match the way you work



In Clarizen One, use these fields (which are updated by Clarizen Go):



Field Level

Clarizen Go Field →

Updates this Clarizen One Field


Milestone Name

Milestone Name (= Tasks’ Parent Milestone)

Milestone Date

Milestone Due date (= Tasks’ Parent Milestone Due date)


Task Name

Task Name

Task Due date (= set by the task’s Milestone, or manually)

Task Due Date

Task Effort Estimation

Task Work

Task Status

Clarizen Go Status

Task Assignee

Task Resource*

Note: Make sure to first install the Clarizen Go Assignee Sync App in Clarizen One. This app will convert any Clarizen Go Task assignees into Clarizen One Task Resources.


Install the Clarizen Go Assignee Sync & Best Practice Reports app, and get access to report templates that you can use out of the box or customize as needed.

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