Working with Synced Projects in Clarizen One

Once a Clarizen Go Workspace is synced, it appears as a Project in Clarizen One with all of its Milestones and Tasks. This allows you to:

  • View up-to-date progress of projects managed in Clarizen Go
  • Create consolidated reports across Projects run in Clarizen One and in Clarizen Go
  • Log time on Clarizen Go Tasks in Clarizen One (see details and prerequisites below)
  • Create advanced workflows using Clarizen One Configurations
  • View resource allocations and understand the resource load in synced projects (see details and prerequisites below)
  • Move synced projects in the project hierarchy (for example, move a project under a parent project, program, or portfolio)
  • Edit Project level fields of the synced project to fit the way you track and view work. For example, enter the project’s customer/s, the Project Type, etc.

Once a project is managed in Clarizen Go, many of its Task and Milestone fields are controlled and updated by Clarizen Go (for example, a Task’s scheduling and resource assignment. Click here for more details and a full list of synced fields.

This means that:

  • Any changes made to these fields from within Clarizen One will not take effect. They will not be sent to Clarizen Go, and will be overwritten by the next sync from Clarizen Go.
  • Planning and scheduling features such as Resource and Capacity planning, and Project planning and scheduling are not supported. While you can view Clarizen Go tasks and resource allocation, you cannot make changes such as rescheduling, reassigning resources, etc.

Logging Time

See prerequisites for working with resources.

As with regular Clarizen One projects, to enable Actual and Remaining Effort fields to be updated by Timesheets, make sure that the Actual Effort updated from timesheets project field is set to Yes.

This field is disabled by default for Clarizen Go projects. You can enable the field manually or create a workflow rule to do this for you, for every new project synced from Clarizen Go. You can use the Clarizen Go Project? field = Yes to identify your Clarizen Go projects.

Once enabled, you can log time as usual.

Viewing the Resource Load

See prerequisites for working with resources.

When viewing the Resource Load of Clarizen Go projects, the planned work will be spread equally (Peanut butter spread) by day/week - as is the default in any Clarizen One Projects.

As with all Projects synced and managed by Clarizen Go, all resource assignments and scheduling is done in Clarizen Go only. Any changes made in Clarizen One will not affect the Tasks in Clarizen Go.

Prerequisites for Working with Resources

  1. In Clarizen One:
    nstall the Clarizen Go Assignee Sync app (for US clients) or click here if you're in Europe/Africa. This app will convert Clarizen Go Task assignees into Clarizen One Resources on those Tasks.
  2. In Clarizen Go:
    1. Make sure each of the relevant Workspaces is synced with Clarizen One (enable Sync with Clarizen One in the Workspace settings).
    2. Make sure Tasks have start dates and are assigned to people, so that the Tasks appear in the right place in timesheets and in Resource Load views.
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