Create Tasks with Email

Use email to create Tasks. This is especially useful in a number of scenarios, for example when you’re in a meeting and just got a new action item? Or a customer has just sent you another request? 

Any user, even if not a member of the Workspace, can send an email to Clarizen Go with Task details (name, description, and attachments), and the Task will be created in the Workspace.

Users that are not members when they send and create the Task will become the Task creator, and will appear with their email address. If they subsequently become a member of the Workspace, their email will be replaced with their name.

1. Setting Up

  1. Open the Workspace settings. Open the menu in the top-right of the Workspace screen and click Workspace Settings.


  2. Select the Board and Stage where you want the Tasks to be created.

  3. Click Generate an email address.
  4. You can now copy the email address to share with your colleagues, and start creating Tasks
    You can also email yourself a copy of the email address.

2. Sending the Email

To create a Task:

  1. Send an email to the generated address.
  2. To include a Task name, add a subject to the email message.
  3. To include a Task description, add the description in the body of your email message.
  4. Add attachments to the email and they will be added to the Task.
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