Public API


Clarizen Go's API provides even more ways for teams to collaborate and stay in sync.

The API provides access to all the Clarizen Go entities, including Workspaces, Boards and Stages, Epics, Tasks, and members. Using a RESTful API, you can pull and push data to and from Clarizen Go. The API lets you automate and customize workflows, and integrate with additional tools in the organization. 

Getting Started

To use the API, you will need a token. A Clarizen Go admin can generate tokens for registered members in the account.

To get a token:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Open your profile and scroll down to API Access Keys.

  3. Click New Access Key to generate the key.

You can create a primary and secondary key.

Hover over the menu to delete or refresh the key.



Start Using the API

With your token, you can now log into the API environment and make calls to the API. To test making calls and view the API reference documentation, click here



If you expect a large set of results, we recommend using the offset and limit parameters. limit defines the number of returned results. offset retrieves a subset of records beginning with the offset value.


Managing API Access Keys

To view and manage keys, open Account Settings, and select API Access Keys.

You can now:

  • View keys and their expiry dates
  • Refresh (renew) keys
  • Delete keys
  • Search keys - enter the full key to see the associated member



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