Leading Columns in Crosstab Reports

Add additional (leading) columns to grouped rows in crosstab tables. 

In this example, the leading columns Direct Manager and Project appear for rows grouped by the user and the Project.


How it Works

  1. Start by creating your crosstab report.
  2. When it's time to set up row grouping, click Rows - Group by
    When selecting the fields to group by, you must select an 'Item ID' field for the related entity (Work Item, User, Group, etc.).  
     You can select a mix of identifier and regular fields to group by, however, in the next step, you will be able to select leading columns related to the identifier type only.
  3. Click Save. Since you selected Identifier-type fields, Leading Columns is now enabled.
  4. Click Leading Columns. You can now select fields related to the Identifier-type fields selected in the previous step, to appear as leading columns. Add up to 6 leading columns. 
  5. Click OK, and confirm row grouping and leading columns.
  6. Complete your report setup with optional setup options, such as defining Totals for columns, etc. 
    Note: You cannot add conditional formatting to Leading Columns.
    Save and run your report.


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