Working in Scrum


Do your sprint planning in the backlog, easily move Tasks from the backlog to sprints, and update sprint progress in Scrum Boards.

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Setting Up

To begin working in Scrum:

  1. Create a new Workspace, and select Scrum. Enter a name for the Workspace, and a description (optional). Then click Create Workspace.


  2. You can now open the Backlog Board and add Tasks, or continue building out your plan by adding Scrum Boards for each of your sprints.
    To add new sprints, open the Scrum Boards tab and click New Sprint. Enter the name of the sprint and its start date. For subsequent sprints, the dates will be prepopulated based on the Scrum settings.
    You can now customize your Scrum Boards with Stages.
  3. During your sprint planning, you can move Tasks from your backlog to the relevant sprint.
    To move a Task, you can update its Board in any of the grid/board views, or simply drag and drop Tasks from the Workspace's backlog to the relevant Scrum Boards (sprints). In the Scrum Boards tab, toggle Show Tasks to view Tasks in the backlog board, and then drag them to sprints.



Sprint Indications and Status



In the Scrum Workspace, you can see how many completed and scheduled sprints you have.



Scrum Settings

In the Workspace settings, open the Scrum tab to define the following scrum-related settings:

  • Sprint Start Day
  • Sprint Duration (in weeks)
  • Show Completed Sprints - Define how many sprints (previous Scrum Boards) to display in the Workspace.


In the account settings, you can set the time zone, which defines when sprints begin and end.

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