Exporting and Importing Workspace Items with Excel

Import and export Assignees, Tasks, Boards, Milestones, Epics, and more, to and from Workspaces.

Exporting Items

Export your Workspace with all its Tasks and related fields. You can then use the exported file

  • as a template for importing items into a different Workspace
  • to collect and analyze data in the spreadsheet or in other systems

To export items from a Workspace:

  • Open the Workspace menu and click Export to Excel.
    You will receive a notification when the spreadsheet is ready to download.

Importing Items

Use a template to import new items into a Workspace. 

Note: You cannot import/update existing items.

To import new items:

  1. Open the Workspace menu in Clarizen Go and click Import from Excel.
  2. Select a sample file to download: 
    • Tasks -  Import new Workspace items (Boards, Stages, Milestones, Epics and Tasks) into the Workspace
      Note: You cannot import/update existing Tasks.
    • Boards, Epics and Milestones - Import Boards, Stages, Milestones, and Epics into the Workspace
    • Assignees - Import new members into the Workspace 
  3. In the Excel spreadsheet, add items to the Workspace Items sheet.
    Note: Depending on the selected template, some of the following items may not exist.
    • Tasks: Add Tasks in the Task Name column. For each Task, you can enter related items, including the Epic, Milestone, Board, Stage, labels, assignees, effort and more.
      • For Effort units, use m for minutes, or p for story points
      • For checklist items, add the checklist item name, followed by a semi-colon and then assignees separated by additional semi-colons. For example, checklist_item;user1@go.com;user2@go.com
      • New assignees will receive invites to the Workspace as members
      • New assignees to Tasks or checklist items in a Task will receive email invites to the Task, and if necessary, to the Workspace
    • Boards: Add the Board name. 
    • Stages: Add the Stage name and an existing Board. 
    • Milestones: Enter a Milestone name, as well as its start and due dates.
    • Epics: Enter an Epic name.
    • Labels: Enter a Label name, a semi-colon, and the label’s color code (can be found in the Validation tab). For example: Label_name;15
  4. Use the Validations sheet to learn more about how to enter values for each of the task fields, see limitations, etc.

  5. Save and close your file.
  6. Open the Workspace menu in Clarizen Go and click Import from Excel. Select your file and click Import Tasks.
    You will receive a notification when the tasks have been successfully imported. 
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