Configuring Board Roadmaps

Roadmaps provide managers and executives with an interactive visualization tool for reviewing and assessing their strategies for projects and portfolios. The Roadmap is a flexible tool that is suitable for different use cases, such as:

  • Agile frameworks – to view data by Epics or features and then drill down to the Epics
  • Waterfall frameworks – to view all Projects and sub-Projects
  • Frameworks that combine different methodologies, such as Agile and Waterfall – to view data by Teams and then group by Epics or features

The Roadmap can be set by the Owner or Editor for the board. Viewers will not be able to create new views, configure the View settings, or add key dates.

Create a Board Roadmap

A default roadmap view is available for Portfolio and Projects. It respectively shows projects, and sub-projects (up to 3 levels) and milestones.

You can create up to 3 additional Roadmaps for each board. Each customized view will be automatically applied to all entities viewed in the board.

The bar color is set by default to the Phase, and the opacity is applied based on Project % completion. Note that the bar color must been set for the Phase value. Please ask your Clarizen Admin to update the color in Settings > Configuration > Projects > field values.

To create a new view:

  1. Click the Roadmap tab > New.mceclip1.png
  2. In the Create Roadmap dialog, do the following;
    1. Enter a name for the roadmap.
    2. (Optional). Select the property to group the data by in the roadmap by default. You can group by any standard or custom field of Picklist and Reference to Object types.

    The roadmap is created as follows:

    • The scale of the roadmap is automatically based on the start date and end date of the program or projects.
    • If there are no project values for the grpup by property, the swimlane is hidden. 
    • When you add or remove projects, the roadmap is updated automatically. You can also refresh the roadmap manually with the Refresh action in the three-dot menu

Configure a roadmap

Each roadmap view can be configured independently to represent different visualizations for your organization. For example, you can group by customers, products, or teams.

To configure a roadmap:

  1. Click the Configure view button. In the popup, you can set up and edit Roadmap options. These include which elements to display, grouping, and which properties to highlight.
  2. Under the Project Appearance, you can set:

    • Project bar - Select a standard or custom field for the Percent and Color (Picklist).

    • Milestones - Select standard or custom Picklist field type.

    • Dot indication - Select standard or custom Picklist field type.

    • Additional Text info - Select standard or custom Percent field type

    • Duration comparison: you can add the Baseline Duration or Planned Duration to the view. If Milestones are displayed, they are connected to the baseline.

      • Baseline - an additional bar under the Project bar shows the baseline start and due dates

      • Planned - an additional bar under the Project bar shows the planned start and due dates



Set Key Dates

You can add key dates to reference important dates.  These can be dates relevant to all Projects and sub-Projects throughout the timeline represented in the Roadmap. For each date, you can add a name and define a color.



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