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Customizing Project Property Card to Indicate Required Fields

I could find the information I was looking for in the community posts but if there is a relevant post, please let me know and I will go look there.


That said, I'm trying to understand how to make the Property Card of a project a little easier to navigate for our end-users.


We have many custom fields and some of those are required in order to complete a project and some are not. We have a validation rule that works great at ensuring users fill out these fields but many have expressed frustration that there's really no way for them to tell which fields are required for completion and which ones aren't - which is a fair point.


I'd like to configure the Property Card for that particular group of end-users to add some indicator that shows them this field is required.  For example, perhaps each of the required fields is highlighted in bold type or perhaps we can add a superscript after each required field that corresponds to a disclaimer that says "This field is required" somewhere within the Property Card. Or perhaps there could be a tooltip such that when one hovers over the fieldname, it shows a notice "This field is required" adjacent to the field that disappears when you stop hovering your mouse over the field.


Any indicator would be great but I'm not exactly sure what the best practice is for this in Clarizen so am open to the community for suggestions on how to achieve this UX need.


Thanks in advance for your help!

Jennifer Gallardo Answered

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Some of this might be possible with CSS. Professional Services would be the best team to fully understand the requirements in the context of your business goals and provide options.

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Josh, thanks for that feedback.  I discussed with my CSM and I'll be going down the road of customizing the CSS for a specific User Profile.  For the benefit of anyone who happens upon this article in the future, here are the steps to finding the "Custom CSS" field that you can then edit to impact a specific user profile type:

  1. Log into Clarizen as an administrator
  2. Click on your name in the upper-right, then click on "Settings"
  3. Click on the "Profiles" tab at the top of the Settings screen
  4. Select the profile whose view you want to customize from the list at the left in the Profiles screen
  5. Under the header "GENERAL" at the left, click on "Properties"
  6. In the pane at the right, click on "Settings"
  7. In the Settings area, see the "Custom CSS" text area; this is where you can enter all the customizations specific to this profile


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