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A project setting to turn off automatic completion of parent items when sub-items have been completed.

I would like the ability to prevent parent Work Items automatically being closed off and only be done manually or by workflow and replace the current behaviour of the State being rolled up from the Completed and Cancelled sub-items.

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Did they ever implement this? We also do not want "children" objects altering the STATE of "parent" objects. Project Managers MUST manually "complete" each parent; because they must go through Validation and other "controls" put in place.

For example, a Milestone CANNOT be completed until a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION has been received from the Customer; so Clarizen is auto-completing Milestones when all Tasks are COMPLETE, but the system should not assume anything and allow us to control when something is COMPLETE. The "add a dummy task to your template" solution is not really a solution and "humans" still make mistakes, so it would be better to have a flag (or option) that can be set at the Work Item level. Some departments want AUTO COMPLETE, some do not; so we even want the flexibility within the company to choose and the best solution is a Work Item option and we can build some workflow logic around that versus "hacking" something together.

Everyone, make sure you VOTE UP on the original post, so that Clarizen realizes this is something we ALL need...

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