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Mass-remove resource

 Is there a way to run either Data Loader or a Custom action/Workflow Rule to remove a resource and/or manager from a list of projects?

The scenario is we have an employee who has changed roles. That role still requires them to be a Clarizen user but no longer requires them to either:

a. Be a resource on any active project tasks

b. Be one of the managers associated with certain projects.


Rather than run an editable report for all active projects (~300) and manually remove that user from the Resources and/or Managers, I would prefer to run Data Loader, a Custom Action or a Scheduled Workflow Rule that says "find this guy and pull him out".

Richard Mann Answered

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Hi Richard,

There is no simple way of doing this. I recommend using the Excel Import to remove resources. Please refer below on how to set up the Excel file. What you need to do is get the list of work items and the ID and just remove the user in question from the "Resources" field. If there are multiple resources, you will just keep the names of the resources on the sheet. 

Managers on the other hand, is a little more tricky because  you cannot remove a manager without replacing the manager if there is only one manager on the work item. This would require customization as a custom action would be best for this one. I recommend using the customization forum for this. 


Excel File:

Column A                   Column B

ID                               Resources

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