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Start Date - how to push back?

What's the best method to push back the Start Date on a task?

(The workflow rule is enabled to "Reschedule if predecessors finished ahead of schedule").

We have a task that became set to a Start Date of today (4/17) but we know the task will not be completed today.

If we change the Duration on the task, only the task Due Date is updated. 

We need the task's Start Date pushed back another week or two. 

Do we need to add Lag to the task to allow more time between the predecessor and the current task?


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Thanks Josh!

Yes, I actually did jump on an advanced Q&A to walk thru the scenario a few weeks ago. That's where I received the Best Practices recommendation about using the Duration to adjust for delays.

Unfortunately, changing the Duration doesn't work as doing so only changes the Start Date of the successor task. Changing the Duration doesn't seem to change the Start Date of the current task.

Speaking of using Lag, can you provide us with a good rule of thumb/Best Practice for when we SHOULD use lag instead of duration?

Thanks in advance 

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Changing duration does not change the start date of the current task if you are using ASAP scheduling.  It will change the start date if you are on ALAP scheduling.  You can however adjust the start date of the existing task by modifying either the duration or the lag of the predecessor task in ASAP mode.  

I would use lag if there is a required amount of time where nothing should be done between tasks.  For example, task 2 must begin 1 week after task 1 is completed..  I would make a FTS dependency where task 2 is dependent on task 1 and there is 5d of lag (or 7cd, which includes nonworking days).

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