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When I "invite" new resources via email, does that mean that those resources eventually need to have a Clarizen account?

Hi, I'm looking for a tool that basically one person on my team will use to manage project resources. I want to be able to see everyone's workload and therefore need to enter all the team member's names. Does this mean every team member needs an account? Please advise! Thanks!

Alexis Kheir Answered

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Hi Alexis,


  Your Resource Manager can use our Resource Load and Resource Calendar features to see your user team's workload across various timeframes (documentation here and video example  here).  As work is assigned to your resources (users) in the form of tasks, each of your resource must be a user in the system.  However, not all users necessarily require a full license.  You may be interested in our Time & Expense or Email Only licenses (free).  In addition, you have the option of setting a license of 'None' for the user accounts.

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