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Search the Discussion Board?

Once something is posted in the discussion, how do you go back and search for it?


For instance, I make a comment at the task level on 10/1. Is there a way for another person in the project to search for that comment on 12/1? 


Related: Is there a consolidated thread (both at task and project level) that a PM can reference for the full story of the project? If so, where can I find this?

Peter Zovath Answered

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Great question. All discussions are searchable using the Global Search.  Just click the Navigation (or use Alt+N) and start typing. You can't search by date yet.  I don't believe you can search based on the date yet from the Global Search, but you can create a report for Discussion messages and put this as a sort or filter.

There is no default consolidated thread, but you can create this by making a customization that takes all discussion posts on tasks and copies them to the project level as well. If you hop on any Advanced Q&A webinar, a CSM can show you how to build this out (

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