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On the excel add on, how can generate the progression of the milestones for an individual project? Multiple projects?

I would like to generate a report that shows the progression of a project based on the data from each milestone. To start, we currently have 4 on going projects that we have active. I would like to show the progress of these projects as a bar graph showing the progress of our completion of the milestones specific to each project. I would like to generate a graph that shows these charts side by side. I would like start date, end date, % complete, milestone name, and project name to show as well. 

Is there also a way to show the road maps for each project side by side?

I would appreciate any help or guidance with this matter. 


Thank you

Jackie Sarreal Answered

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Have you tried using our Gantt View? To see all of these side by side (vertically) you can also put these projects inside of a portfolio. You can do this either by physically moving these projects into a parent project, or creating a new project and using shortcuts to link to those 4 active projects. In addition to the Gantt view, the Roadmap view will also let you display multiple projects using this same method.

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