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Creating Task Types

We have recurring work types and I want to be able to create and assign a "type" to a task so that I can generate a report that will show actual time spent on a task type.

For example I would like to have a task type of "Graphic Design" which may include tasks for mockup, wireframes, photo editing, etc. and be able to pull up all tasks of type "Graphic Design" for a project or portfolio. I would like the type to be assignable to not just a task but a rollup task.

Skilsl won't work because that is people centric, I am looking for a way to assign a task type from a list of types I created.

Is this doable?

Bill Caughron Answered

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This is doable but would require some customization.  I would use a field like "Task Type" or custom field of your choosing to track which bucket each task should go to.  Then the easiest way to aggregate the data would be with the Excel add-in. You could then look at all effort put in for those buckets for specific projects or all projects in the system.  


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