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How to estimate hours for a Milestone (Phase)?

I would to add estimated hours to a milestone (phase) level, and I also want to link a Job Title to a project/milestone, so I won't have to change the price per hour individually for each asset!? I have created few Job Titles groups, added asset into each group and added cost per hour for each group!

Note: I'm going to use the Milestone as Phases (I couldn't find other of creating phases!), and under each Milestone I'll add tasks.

Hanan Melamed Answered

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For estimating hours, you can use a field called "Budgeted Hours." The work column won't do in this case since it will roll up from sub items (work will be grayed out).  As for setting Job Title rates, all you need to do is select a milestone and then go to Misc >> Prices and Rates on the ribbon.  Here you can select the Job Title or rate for each resource for everything inside of that particular milestone or phase.

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