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Need some guidance creating a custom field

I want to add a Custome Field to the Requests

The Field is "Assigned Programmer" and is intended to describe the programmer assigned to develop that request.

The custome field should show the list of user that have skill = "Oracle Programmer".

I created the custome field with the following settings:

Field Type = "Reference to Object"

Referenced Entity = "User"

Formula = Field Value is based on formula of "This Object"

So far so good?

Now, what is the correct syntax for the "Set Formula" field? I am having difficulty here and I keep getting error messages.

As I wrote, I want the field to hold a pick list of users, limited only to users with skill = "Oracle Programmer"




Arnon Yaffe Answered

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I don't believe there is a way to limit this automatically. When you go to populate this field, you can easily add a filter to show only people that have the skill "Oracle Programmer" but I can't think of a way to have this filter set by default. What you can do is create a validation rule that will prevent users from being added into that field unless they have that skill.

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