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How do I create a "Parent Project" and then move existing project under the Parent?

I have several projects that have similar natures:Product registration. I noticed in the Project view that there is a column labeled Parent project which is sortable. I would like to know how to move a group of projects under one parent project.





Norm Schneiter Answered

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Hi Norm,

There are a couple of ways to group Projects that have similar nature. You can certainly create a Portfolio, highlight multiple projects in a Projects module and by using Move button >> move it under that portfolio.

See screenshot:

You can also create a custom field (pick-list type) at a project level with different category values. Then you can easily define category for each project and with filtering in place create different views for each category.

For further information and assistance, I suggest contacting your CSM or attending our free Q&A webinars (, where our Customer Success Managers can discuss your requirements in detail and suggest best practice advice accordingly.

All the best,




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