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Record consultancy time spent with Customers

We have a customer success team who provide consultancy for our customers.  We need a simple way for each Customer Success manager to record the amount of time they spent with each client each day.


For example, I'd like to record that I spent 3 hours helping 'Acme' to 'set up a new assessment' today.

I'd then like to be able to report against that data so I can see how much time is spent with each client and how the Customer Success manager spend their time.  Further, we'd like to analyse the data by sector or industry type.  


I tried time sheets but you can't seem to select a client and you must report against a work item.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Jonathan Adams Answered

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This may be more complicated and require customization (may require PS/CSM hours with your Customer Success Manager Evgeni Haikin) but here are some options...

1 - You have looked at Time Sheets, but have you tried using the Stopwatch? This allows you to have a running clock or stopwatch that you can manually start/stop when doing work. The catch is that it is based on a work item (i.e. Task). Here is a video that describes it...

2 - At the Customer Module, we are able to add related Tasks or from other side, we can add related Customer to a work item to link them together. This can be done in order to associate work with Time on it to a Customer.

3 - You could create custom Fields and Rules that are updated with hours and roll up as required. These would be created at the Customer Item Type so that the fields would be available within Customer Module.

4 - Custom Fields and Workflow rules would also be how you would approach your need to show data by Sector and/or Industry (Custom Fields). 



Boris Krutiy

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