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How do I change the bg image of the portal page?

I have changed the url in the html for the action put I am getting a red X in the browser. I am using a box file with https.

Brandi Kopsa Answered

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Hi Brandi,

You might need to update Java if not already. Also, this could be a security setting for IE.

Click on Tools and then click Internet Options and select the Security tab and then click Default Level button. This will reset all those settings to the recommended level and may allow images to start showing up in your browser again.

Another common cause of the dreaded red x tends to be a mis-configured firewall or Internet security program. If you are using an application like Norton or McAfee Internet Security you may need to look at the configuration to make sure it is not being overly restrictive on Internet Explorer. If the security settings are set too tight they can also have the effect of blocking ActiveX, cookies and Java which would cause only a red x to be displayed.


Can you also provide me a link to the image?

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