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WBS Loader - does it support Predecessor lag time and dependency type?

Hi There,

This is a follow-up question to an answer provided in: (which was also answered in: ..

In addition to supporting "Predecessors" in the Data Loader (Work Item), are there columns for "Lag Time" and "Dependency Type" for the link?

I notice for the "Predecessor:" column, it creates a dependency type of "FTS" with a lag time of "0".

I'm using Data Uploader 2.1.7 - last updated on 2015-03-20

  • Supports Predecessors dependencies column in Workplan load



Michael Lambino Answered

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Hi Mick,

Yes, you are correct. The predecessors column on a workitem item upload, creates dependency FTS type with no lag. For more sophisticated dependency options, you would need to load it separately with dependency links. 

See screenshot: select Item Type > Dependency link > click on Fields List to see fields Lag and Dependency Type columns available for update:

All the best,


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