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Can you relate a request to a task?

I am building out a custom action similar to the app entitle "Convert Request to a Project" but instead of converting it to a project we want to also be able to convert it to a task and put that task under a specific project or milestone that already exists.


I have built it out and it works great except that I can't seem to find a way to link the existing request to the newly created task. The request to project custom action has this functionality via a "related work" link being created. I have put that addition to the Request to Task custom action and it did not give me any errors. When running the custom action though, it doesn't link the request to the task and it doesn't allow me to manually link the to via the "Add Related" menu and the task. 


Is this even possible? It seems like this would be a pretty standard function to take a request and turn it into actionable work within a project so time can be tracked against it. 




Garret Saarinen

Garret Saarinen Answered

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