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How can I view personal time off in a resource calender overview?


I am very new to Clarizen and have a question related to personal calendars in preparation for a Senior Management Meet. 

Is there a report I can pull out which shows the project planning / resource load / team personal time off all in one place? At the moment I am working with the Gantt view for project planning / resource load view for team / personal time off report and feel that the management team will want to see all three items in one place.

Ideally I wanted something similar to a Gantt view with all these three items.

Thanks a lot.



Joel Alphonso Answered

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Thank you for reaching out us for your questions. I will provide the best possible resolution to get you and your team a satifactory result. Currently, we do not have a report that will give you this Out Of the Box. We do have reports that can show Project Planning, Resource load and personal time off separately, but not combined into one. We do have the following reports that may help for each...

"Total Number of non-working hours by user" (Under People Category) - this shows non-working hours by user which is what PTO is considered.

"Resource Load" or "Resource Load Per Task" (Under Resource Load Category) - This will show the Resource(s) Load for a given time period but does not provide a Project level overview or the ability to show non-working days.

As for our built in Report Module, it is currently limited but our development team is currently hard at work to improve the Reports module. The new Reports will have more functionality and flexibility in the type of data that can be used and how. The new release is currently scheduled to be released by the end of the year.

The only other way to get exactly what you want before the new Reports Module is available is to install and use the Excel Add-in. This is a powerful query tool that allows you to pull any field from Clarizen and create a Report in Excel.

Let me know if this information helps and if you have any further questions.

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