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Improvements to the Forum Search would be nice.

Hello, While my request is not strictly relating to the Clarizen application as a new user on the forums I think they could do with some improvements.

Looking through previous posts its clear that Clarizen are active in responding to queries within the forum, which is great but Ive fund the forum itself hard to use compared to some other ones out there. This is a bit of a shame as it definitely is a useful resource.

Im not trying to be overly critical but comparing you forum to best of breed example eg [url=][/url] there are a few areas that could be improved:

1 Search: First thing you do before posting is search for related posts. However its your search results lack lots of useful info like who posted, when did they post, did the thread get replied to, did other people find the post helpful? for illustration Ive attached screen grabs of your search and SOs Any improvements to the search would be great.

2 Tagging recommending posts or google +1, facebook like, also having featured sticky threads.

3 Speeding it up, sometimes its pretty slow.

Appreciate developing the application will be your main focus but a few improvements to the forum could go quite a long way in terms of supporting users and saving you replying to multiple similar queries.

Cheers, Doug

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