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General Feedback... all resulting in fewer clicks to accomplish work...

Hi, I have some questions/feedback.  Maybe I need to change settings (I’d like direction on how to do that), or maybe these are just feedback points and cannot be changed at this time.  However, moving from 5.4 to 6.0 has resulted in slower processes for the following, and I’m hoping you can help me speed it up. (Your goal should always be fewest clicks possible to execute something, in my book.)


Why are predecessors:

a)      So hard to change?  Too many clicks… I don’t want to click on the predecessor to open it from my project, I want to have a quick way to the predecessor.  As it is now, you have to 1. Double-click the center (not the arrow) of the predecessor; 2. Click on the 3 dots to get to a screen that allows you to review, add, and change your predecessors; 3. Re-expand the entire project in the Available window to find any predecessor. Too cumbersome.

b)      (Predecessors…) Why can’t I see the lag time on the main screen of the task/item/project?  I have to click in to the above place just to see what lag time I have entered or if the task is STF, FTF, etc.  Again, more of a time waster for me.  Maybe you can do a hover pop-out with the detail that we can then click in to change?  Is there a way to change my Scheduled Tasks view to see these things?

Why are durations:

a)      So hard to change?  Before (and in MS Project) all I had to do was type 6w or 6d to determine whether the duration was weeks or days.  Now there is a dropdown menu.  So I have to 1. Click into the numeric box; 2. Change the number and hit Enter; 3. Click in the dropdown; 4. Change to weeks/days/months/mins, etc..  A one step process is now 4 steps.  Too much time.  Please revert it to the other way.

Project (Schedule View) – Work Plan – Project name keeps disappearing:

a) When I am in this view and I scroll down through my work plan, there is no static title of the Project (Project Details also isn’t static and roles up as I drill down into my project).  Therefore, since I manage 15 projects, I have to keep scrolling up to the top of the work plan to make sure I know which Project I am working in.  This is really annoying and time consuming.  What is the fix?

b) Popped out Work Plan – same problem as above.  Once you start scrolling down, if you have the same tasks for several different projects, it is impossible to tell what project you are in unless you scroll all the way back up to the top again.

Looking forward to your response,




Amy Blakeley

JOBY Project Manager

P +1 707 827 4099 ext 4517


Amy Blakeley Answered

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Hi Amy,


First I want to thank you for your time invested in your feedback.


1. Instead of using predecessors column use # of predecessors. I advise you to use 'show icon' format. Then click on the icon and viola...

2. You can see the dependency on that pop up under the work item icon.


  1. You can enter 2 d / 5 h the duration will change accordingly.


  1.  I'll bring it up on our next meeting with the product team.

  2. In the expanded work plan on every workitem you click you have in the top right corner the workitem name, and underneath it you have the path to that work item including the project name.



Tamir Avital


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My team feels your pain. The new UI has slowed down our project management efforts tremendously. It seems that there are less short cuts like no more right click at key points and more long cuts with having to navigate to different tabs like admin, misc, and then there is the dreaded having to pop open the work plan in order to actually view all the columns that were easily viewed in V5. V6 may be more collaborative, and there may be more ability to customize sections of it but the overall UI is not made to increase the efficiency of work.

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You can create a "Work Plan" view which will give you the same (actually more) column visibility than V5.4 without needing to expand the panel.

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