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How do you attach multiple files to a Custom Action at creation time?

Hi. I have a custom action that creates a request, and I want the user to attach 2 files to the request, and I want to capture it at creation time and make it required, instead of "Add Related" after the request is created.

I realize that I need to have an action of
New Item,
Run On: CurrentObject
NewObject2=New Attachment

I am not sure what to call $Entity.

$Document is set to the Variable Name up above in the form.

Then I need to have a second new item as attachment, and set the $Document to the second Variable Name.

What should I put in each $Entity that will make Clarizen happy?


Barbara Palansky Answered

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Hi Barbara,

The entity should be the request that was just created - it should be in your context NewObject1.
Please notice that if the file is not mandatory you should "indent" the Attachment object creation using a condition action that will check whether the file<>NULL (file stands for the document variable name).

Let me know if that works.

Good luck!

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I have a custom action and want to be able to add documents from a request to that custom action that emails those same documents to a specific user from that custom action.

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