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Generate reports directly from the Project page.

As a project manager of a project, I would like to be able to generate project specific reports and view charts without having to go into the reports module.

Currently, if I want to see a graphical representation of utilisation or similar data against my project, I have to go into the project module, find my report on utilisation, change the filter (or have numerous different reports with set filters - a head ache to manage if I manage multiple projects), and load it up.

Instead, it would be great if I could just press a 'Utilisation Report' action and for me to view the report instantly. It would be even better to be able to 'pipe' Project Fields as filter variables of a report so that I can set 1 master report and view it differently depending on what project I click from. For example, have a filter on Timesheets.Project that will take the field of $ProjectName when actioned to display the correct report.

Darren Answered

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for submitting this request! I believe this can be done via customization and it is best to contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss this with him/her on how to attain this.

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