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Picklist/Multi Pick List Descriptions

Requesting that a pick list (or multi pick list) allow for 2 descriptive components. It would allow categorization of the data with one field (the category) while still giving you the granularity of the details. As an example, if you had a multi picklist field for target counties and you were targeting multiple counties across the country, you may want to see a listing of all those counties, but you may also want to see how many states are represented in the selections. So you would have one picklist item, but have 2 pieces of data that can be retrieved.


  1. CA, Ventura

  2. CA, Orange

  3. CA, Los Angeles

  4. LA, Orleans Parish

  5. OR, Marion

  6. OR, Multnomah


Jen Bran Not planned

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Hi Jen,

Great idea! I have submitted this as a feature request. The request number is CR-297963.

Tom Do 0 votes
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