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Modify standard reports

The ability to modify standard in invaluable. In many cases the standard reports are not helpful. For the most part, I need to create all custom reports because I need to report at a more granular level. For example, cost reporting by project type is not possible using standard reports. Also, because standard reports cannot be modified, they cannot be scheduled to run at a given time.

Specific example of standard reports that would be helpful to modify:

Cost & Revenue forecast all Projects

I would like to recommend the ability to "save as" on standard reports. Thank you for your consideration.

Leo Lovely Not planned

Official comment


Completely agree. We already have an open feature request for this and we have added your company to the list of requesters. Thanks!

Josh Santos
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For your records this is the official request ID - CR-288162

Danielle Lasirona 1 vote
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