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Portfolio Timelines (app) enhanced functionality (CR-319662)

We would like the ability to print this out, export it to Excel , save it. The only thing I can today is take a screen capture. We would like the option to put this into a report. By report I mean one we create using the report writer (the add in) or the existing Clarizen reporting structure.

Also I think the choices are limited. For example, although there is a vertical line that shows current day, milestones not completed yet should not be green but instead red if they are in progress and behind the current day line. If the milestone is yellow, it should show yellow in the timeline as well.

It would be nice to have the option to include tasks in the timeline. Sometimes the Milestone includes several important tasks that we want to bring to the business's attention. The idea would be to add another column with the selected tasks.

Column 1 - Milestone Name (exists now)
Column 2 - Task(s) within that milestone (optional) - this column would only show if we selected tasks to appear (maybe even with their start and end date). Task 1 2/16 - 3/4

Vanessa Michau Not planned

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We would be interested in improved functionality as well

Paige Wolters 0 votes
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