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Assigning default custom icon to projects

Hi team, this might be something obvious, but I've searched for the answer for a while and cant't find it.

Is there a way of selecting a custom icon to be the default for all new projects? Currently we have to manually change the default icon (from the briefcase to one of our choosing), but would like this to be automatic.

Damian Funnell Answered

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Hi Damian,


Unfortunately we don't support changing objects' icons via the configuration module. You can however set the icon as part of your template and leverage that in the context of the custom action.

Please let me know if it makes sense.


Good luck!


Tamir Avital
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I am also interested in setting a custom icon for certain projects.  Can we do this based on a value in a Custom Field?  If not, what is the method that was referenced based on a template?

David Winn 0 votes
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Any possibility that this could be included as a config settable via API?  You've got a custom icon library - but I'm not sure who it's usable to set icons?


Can you detail more about the possibility of applying this via Template?  I'm starting to design our projects using Layouts - which are based on the phase the project is in. ie. design, build, test, deploy - it would be great to get these icons displayed to easily see where things are at?

Andy Johnston (AU) 0 votes
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