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Different field colors for file panel for field Document Type

When editing the picklist Document Type, there is an option for "Color." When choosing a color, it does not display in the file panel or anywhere.
For example, add a value to Document Type as "Blue" and choose the color = blue. Then when uploading the document to a work item and choosing the Document Type = Blue, the color does not show up any where in the file panel. The only semi work around would be to upload an image (blue color) to the value Blue and it will only display under Document type. However, when the panel is expanded, the image disappears unless when choosing a different value from the pick list. This work around does not work if the user want to filter by the colors of the value.

Danielle Lasirona Not planned

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For future reference the request ID is CR-318468.

Danielle Lasirona
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