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Allow more than one field update per action (within a Custom action)

It is possible to assign multiple field values to a 'New Item' action with a custom action however you can only assign one field value when choosing an 'Update Field" action. 

It would be useful if the 'Update Field' action was not restricted to only one field update as it is possible to hit the maximum 10 action limit within a custom action quite easily.

A workaround was provided where you can choose to do a Conditional Action that will allow up to 10 sub actions for field updates. This is fine as a workaround but ideally the restriction on the 'Update Field' action should be lifted so it works in a similar manner to the New Item and Conditional Action (ie: have max 10 sub-actions)

Gregg Holden Not planned

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Thank you for submitting this feature request. For future reference the request ID is CR-232759.

Danielle Lasirona
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I agree it would be great to have this option. It would impact performance positively by avoiding multiple updates, especially when using "Run on" for a set of related entities, and would also improve the behavior of workflow rules and validation rules when several fields are impacted by an action. 

Fernando Borrego Polo 1 vote
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Fernando, you have been added to the list of requesters for this feature request.

Danielle Lasirona 0 votes
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