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Moving a project to a new parent project - Implications on reports

I want to move a project 'A' to another parent project.

We have a lot of reports created for project 'A'.

I wonder if the reports will still work after moving project 'A' to another parent.

I tested in our Training box, the reports still seem to work.

However the reports are very critical for our management, thus I want to be really sure before moving the project in our production environment.


Can you confirm that moving a project 'A' to another parent project does not have any impact on reports using project 'A's data?


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Christoph Knuettel Answered

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The answer is probably not, but it depends on how your report is structured. As long as the report is not filtering out the new parent project that you are moving the project to, you should be fine. Moving the project to another parent will not change the data inside that project unless you created workflow rules to do so (not likely). Testing on the Sandbox first is always a smart move--if everything checks out and no configurations changes have been made since the last Sandbox refresh, I think you are in the clear.

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